Training Assistant & Camp Coach (Indoors/Outdoors)

ate Updated: 28 November 2016 (ongoing recruitment)


Coach – guide youth and help them build character through games and activities. Impart skills in study techniques, leadership and team work and make a difference in their lives.

Training Assistant – manage the logistics and sound systems at each training and be in charge of the execution of your camp.

Coach in programmes such as:

  • Nomadic Race
  • Superheros, Super friends
  • Live! Operations
  • Superkids
  • Leadership Academy
  • Clever Hearts


  • GCE ‘O’ level/GCE ‘A’ level candidates
  • Polytechnic candidates
  • Confident and good communication skills
  • Preferably have assumed leadership roles in CCA
  • Prior experience in the job will be an edge together with relevant certifications (i.e. first aid, kayaking, sports climbing, etc.)

Join our coaching family with your friends and learn while you earn. Attend free workshops to upgrade yourself in areas such as Resume Writing and Presentation Dynamics. We also organise recreational events like bowling and beach outings to give back to coaches who have worked tirelessly for us. Working part-time with AKLTG means more than just a job; it’s a platform to learn from the leading organisation in training and have fun! Many of our coaches have been groomed to become full-fledged trainers, programme consultants , tutors and even teachers after their graduation, so come and join our young and dynamic team and grow with us as we blaze the trail in transforming lives!

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