Wealth Academy Options

Your guide to options trading. Safe, Simple and Systematic.

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What is the Answer to Safe and Profitable Trading?

You’ll find countless responses, but they all boil down to having a rock-solid trading plan. One of the plans we can adopt to ensure consistent returns is by setting and adjusting your trade parameters before the market threatens to go against you – and we can achieve this by trading Options.

Wealth Academy Options – Your Safe, Simple & Systematic Guide to Options Trading

Wealth Academy Options programme is designed to equip you with more than 10 options strategies to help you cultivate and filter lucrative trades in less than 20 minutes a day. This programme is perfect for new traders with little experience, yet extremely beneficial for existing traders and investors looking for another trading instrument to grow their portfolio and income.

Using only safe, simple and systematic trading strategies, you will learn to create your ideal trading plan by factoring in key parameters like winning probability, strike prices, trade expiration date and risk-reward profile, helping you to generate consistent profits and secure a dependable extra income for you and your loved ones.

After this programme, you will learn the necessary skills to achieve a sturdy extra income of 20 – 30% annually trading less than 20 minutes a day at a winning probability of 95%.

Trading Options is highly achievable for 9 – 5 Working Professionals. And Here’s Why:

Trading Options don’t require much time

In fact, you only need no more than 20 minutes a day. Options strategies allow you to earn premiums from your trade, you only need to simply check your trades and filter out the bad ones daily.

You don’t need a massive starting capital to begin trading Options

You can start profitable Options trading in less than your month’s salary. This is because Options allow you to buy stocks at cheaper rates. Imagine owning shares of Apple, Facebook or McDonald’s at a fraction of the market price.

Options trading is easy to learn and execute

Options is straightforward; you make your trades, and then simply sit back to check your trades and earn premiums day after day. You don’t have to spend hours scouring the financial news and countless reports. This way, you won’t be burning yourself out every night.

Trading Options can be the safest way to trade

When you trade Options, you can see your winning probability clearly even before making the trade. And with winning probabilities of 95% and over, the risks involved are very low.


Wealth Academy Options is one of the very few trading programmes in Singapore to offer Hands-On Trading Practicethrough LIVE-TRADING SESSIONS.

In this Programme, you will learn:

  • More than 10 proven Options strategies to earn a sturdy income of 20 – 30% returns yearly, even if you have little capital or trading experience.
  • The powerful trading approach where you can profit in literally every market direction – up or down or even sideways!
  • How you can set up a simple step-by-step trading plan that will bring your win-rate up to more than 95%, with only 20 minutes a day!
  • The coveted trading technique that allows you to easily “repair” bad trades to turn them into winning trades.
  • The winning psychology of sharp traders – know exactly when not to over-trade, and how to bounce back from bad trades in order to be profitable in the markets.
  • How you can manage your trading risks wisely– to profit more than you lose to always stay on top and profitable in trading.
  • and much more…


Module 1 – Options Basics

  • Options Introduction : Understand how Options work
  • Optionable Securities : Learn how to pick right securities to trade
  • Call or Put, Buy or Sell : Know when to use what
  • Premium : Learn how to collect premiums as your daily income
  • Options Life Cycles : Know the best “sweet-spot” expiration
  • Option Chain : Optimize your trades – Strike, ITM, OTM, ATM
  • Learn what to do if your options get exercised or assigned
  • The Greeks : Know it to plan your trades
  • Volatility : Learn how to sell options at the best time to collect the highest premiums

Module 2 – Core Options Strategies

  •       Selling Covered Calls: How you can potentially triple your returns using the stocks that you already own
  •       Selling Puts: How you can end up owning stocks at a discount or for FREE!!!
  •       Selling Credit Vertical Spreads: How you can collect regular income with limited risk
  •       Selling Iron Condor: How you can make money from a sideways market?
  •       Selling Strangles: How you can make money like an insurance company with 95% probability of winning

Module 3 – Opportunistically Used Strategies

  • Calendar Spreads: How to benefit from volatility rises
  • Diagonal Spreads: How you can Lease to Rent your options to maximize your returns
  • Straddles: Bull or Bear? I don’t care … How to make money leveraging on volatilitybefore earnings
  • Synthetics / Risk Reversals: Know how to long / short stocks with much less capital

Module 4 – Psychology & Risk Management

  • Plan Your Trade: Know how to analyze the underlying security, choose the right strike, expiry date, probability and risk/reward profile
  • Trade Your Plan: How you can execute orders most optimally
  • Psychology: Know how to stay discipline to win in a long term
  • Risk Management: How you can repair a losing trade when markets move against you and turn it into a winning trade
  • Position and Diversification: Know how to have right position sizing & diversify your portfolio to reduce risks

Module 5 – Trading Infrastructure

  • Trading Platform: Know how to navigate the trading platform & optimize settings to improve your efficiency
  • Information: How you can subscribe to a reliable source of information and financial data
  • Trading Cost: Learn how to get appropriate trading permissions and optimize brokerage commissions
  • Trading Brokers: Recommend good brokers that provide you with best analytic tools for trading options
  • Trading Room: Recommend hardware requirements to ensure smooth trading experience
  • Tools and resources: Learn how to utilize my self-developed scanner and tracker to significantly save your time

Module 6 – Trading Option As A Business

  • Portfolio Blueprint: Design a portfolio that could potentially earn you an annual ROI of 20-30% with high probability of winning
  • Scaling Up: Learn how you could potentially scale it up to make it a serious business for you


About Bang Pham Van

Bang Pham Van, MBA, is currently a Senior Finance Manager at one of Forbes’ Global top 50 multinational companies, where he has worked for more than 21 years.

A veteran trader with more than 16 years of live trading experience, Bang has executed more than 10,000 trades in total. He has maintained a consistent win-rate of 96% ever since he began trading Options almost 10 years ago.

On a professional level, Bang has held Global and Regional F&A leadership roles across multiple business units and worked in 5 different countries (Singapore, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam), and successfully delivered break-through business results.

For more than 10 years, Bang has also successfully conducted multiple training sessions on personal financial planning, wealth accumulation and investment strategies.


Honest reviews from graduates

“Bang’s time-saving Options strategies is especially useful for me as a busy professional.”

Wealth Academy Options is good for people who have little time to trade.

Bang is an approachable trainer and is very accommodating to questions posed by his students. His time-saving Options strategies is especially useful for me as a busy professional. Really thankful for him in sharing his knowledge and strategies.

Daryl Teo
Singapore, 2017


“This is definitely a programme to attend if one has no prior knowledge about Options.”

Wealth Academy Options gave me a good understanding of Options trading. Bang was able to condense all his knowledge about Options and present them clearly in a manner what was easy to understand. 

Most importantly, he taught us practical and useful applications by providing practical trade examples of using the various strategies. This is definitely the programme to attend if one has no prior knowledge about Options trading.

Mark Chng
Singapore, 2017


“Now I am more confident in taking a trade!”

Wealth Academy Options helped me understand the safest strategies to trade Options. Bang’s patience and attentiveness in answering our questions have helped me learn a lot.

I now know all the terms and strategies that I didn’t understand previously as we practised with real-time exercises. I’ve made the correct decision to join Wealth Academy Options!

Sheryn Teo
Singapore, 2017


“Wealth Academy Options have given me the possibility to have another source of income.”

I have no prior knowledge or experience with options trading.

With that, Bang is able to explain the concepts and considerations in simple language that a newbie like myself can understand. Wealth Academy Options have gave me the possibility to have another source of income.

Really thankful to Bang for sharing!

David Chow
Singapore, 2017


“I like the notion to earn money in a sideways market and not caring about the market direction.”

I’m very thankful to Bang for his patience in answering my countless questions during his workshop. A very helpful,  sincere and humble man, I’m proud to have Bang as my trainer.

His strategies definitely made me more knowledgeable and enhanced my stock trading skill, and I especially like the notion to earn money in a sideways market and not caring about the market direction.

Cheryl Fong
Singapore, 2017


“Truly an eye-opening experience to trade with upfront probability of winning estimated and learning how to repair trades.”

Wealth Academy Options is the course that I’ve been looking for. Bang has delivered beyond my expectations.

Its an eye-opener to learn the strategy of selling options to earn premiums, with upfront probability of winning estimated, and to repair trades to minimize risk. I’m glad to have attended to understand the Options strategies not easily obtained elsewhere!

Tan See Tee
Singapore, 2017


“I am impressed with Bang’s knowledge over options strategies and how to tackle different trade situations.”

As a busy working adult, this is a good course to attend as its in-line with my objectives. This is a very personalised course with a good community of like-minded traders.

I’ve benefitted from Bang’s knowledge and experience as he shared on how to tackle different trade situations and now, I have good insights over the risks and rewards of options trading.

Ng Jing Zhong
Singapore, 2017

“Bang is willing to go the extra mile to ensure his students learn.”

Bang has been an excellent coach and it has been an absolute pleasure to learn from him. He’s very engaging and will go the extra mile to ensure his students learn.

Humble and approachable, I’m thankful for your guidance and support to achieve consistent profits from Options trading.

Vipin Rastogi
Singapore, 2017