Aman Alhamid excels at bringing out the best in his participants in an engaging and highly entertaining way. As a trainer, personal coach, and award-winning magician for more than 17 years, he successfully blends education and entertainment to deliver his personal brand of effective & entertaining training at his current position in Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG). His dynamic style helps his audience to effectively absorb, remember and apply the powerful techniques he shares. Many have labeled his training as ‘edu-tainment’! Aman was raised in Brunei Darussalam. Attending international schools through his formative years allowed him to appreciate the diversity of students from around the world. It highlighted to him the importance of hard work to keep up with international standards. Upon achieving his degree, he became a licensed teacher at the prestigious Yayasan Secondary School, a private school personally funded by the Sultan of Brunei. For three years, he taught children of royalty and high society strategies for academic success. A dedicated and compassionate teacher, Aman was always favoured by the students. He has since moved on to inspire more lives through AKLTG’s training & development programmes. Aman has created the curriculum for several magic-based life skills & soft skills workshops, both for corporate entities and schools. Highly popular amongst participants due to his novel training approach, he has received numerous rave reviews. Aman is also an accomplished comedy magician of more than 17 years. He has performed his hilarious shows in Brunei, Singapore & Malaysia throughout his career. Shows range from stand-up/parlour performances on stage, to walk around close up magic; performing amazing magic for people merely inches away. Undeniably, his unique fusion of magic and training has led him to become a stand out trainer and a favourite among his participants. His unique and engaging training style has led to him to not only train in Singapore but in various neighbouring countries as well such as Malaysia, Indonesia & the Philippines. The consistent rave reviews and effectiveness during his training has also been a part of what led institutions like Ministry of Education, Health Promotion Board, Ministry of Social & Family Affairs, NTUC, National Institute of Education, Skinlabs & National Library Board to repeatedly engage him.


  • Bachelor of Science in Education (2nd Upper Class
  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Licensed
  •  TetraMap Facilitator
  • First Aid Certified


  • Accelerated Learning
  • Brain-based Learning
  • Character-Building
  • Cyberwellness
  • Education and Career Guidance
  •  Presentation Dynamics
  •  Emotional State Management
  • Intrapersonal Mastery
  • Interpersonal Mastery
  •  Interview Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Peak Performance
  • Parent-Child Communication
  •  Parenting Workshops
  • Social Etiquette
  • Team Building
  • Magic Presentation & Influence


  • PSLE Peak Performance Programme for MOE Schools
  •  “O” Level Peak Performance Programme for MOE Schools
  • “A” Level Peak Performance Programme for MOE Schools
  • Life Skills Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Partnership with NIE – Meranti Project (Student Teacher Training Programme)
  • Partnership with HPB – Primary 6 Managing Change and Transition Programme
  •  Partnership with HPB – Mental Wellness Programme: Preparation for Secondary School
  • Partnership with HPB – Parent-Child Conference on Sexuality
  • Partnership with HPB – Wrong Side of Bed Training (Sex Education for ITE students)
  •  Partnership with MCYS – We Actually Programme
  • Partnership with NLB – Library Alive Fiesta!
  • Master of Influence Training for Skinlabs
  •  And more.


  • Bedok North Secondary School
  • North View Primary School
  •  Zhenghua Primary School
  • Greendale Secondary School
  • Hillgrove Secondary School
  • Holy Innocents’ High School
  •  ITE College West/ East/ Central/HQ
  •  Loyang Secondary School
  •  Peirce Secondary School
  • Rivervale Primary School
  •  Nanyang Junior College
  • National Institute of Education
  • And many more.