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We are a team of educators passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and goals. As a leading organisation in personal & professional development, we have touched over a million lives in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, United States, and more!

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From playground to retirement nest, we help people from all walks of life through our education brands. Our training specialties include academic mastery, personal excellence, leadership, communication, stock investing, trading, and more.

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As pioneers in personal development, we hold a 21-year track record in delivering high-impact trainings that create real results.. Join our thriving community of lifelong learners today and discover better learning every time.


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Mould the future of youth in Singapore with the trusted education specialist that trains 70,000 students every year. From study skills, life skills, outdoor education to online tuition, find out how Aktivate’s youth education programmes can nurture 21st century leaders in students.



People are your organisation’s greatest assets. Driving your leadership team’s performance and helping your business achieve topline growth is our passion. Explore how our strategic business coaching can help your company scale to the next height.



“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” With Singapore’s Most Preferred Financial Educator, you’ll learn the skills to build a lifetime of profits from the stock market. Explore our suite of online masterclasses and courses on stock investing, options trading, property and more.


"How Has AKLTG Transformed Your Life?"

“Increased Portfolio Value 30% In Just Over 4 Months and Double it within 1 year”

Being a self-employed graduate in export/ import from Asia to Europe and now being the MD of my own real estate development in Thailand, Wealth Academy program has given many answers in improving and confirming, completing my business actions and approaches in human relations and dealing with the daily challenges.
- Christophe Deridder, Business Owner

“40% - 100% Returns From My Investment after Applying Wealth Academy Techniques”

I have to admit that the session provided a very good insight into methods of stock selections and I personally applied in my real life stocks investments. The simple stock selection techniques were indeed helpful.Honestly, it was way better than many of the trained fund managers out here.
-Chan Huan Wei, CFA

“Unmotivated to having clear goals & action plan”

I used to have no concrete goals, and that’s why I was not motivated towards my studies. I lack interest in studying and also did not have a very good relationship with my parents. During the programme, I saw new perspective and learnt more effective strategies for my studies and various aspects of my life. I managed to get 10 points in O levels with the strategies. I also learnt to always give 100%, always take actions and never to take my friends and family for granted.
Sean Peh, IAG Graduate of 2015

“My Income Increased to $41,000 a Month As a Financial Planner.”

Attending Adam’s program was the best investment I ever made. It gave me the strategies to triple my income to achieve a breakthrough of $41,000 in September 2005
-Chan Huan Wei, CFA