How Has AKLTG Transformed Your Life?

“Got into Top 0.5% of over 40,000 Students at University of Manchester”

Hi Adam,

My name is Hien, currently studying in the UK and like your thousands, even millions of fans, I see you as an inspiring figure to learn from and follow. 6 years ago, when I read your book “I Am Gifted, So Are You!”, I didn’t know it would change my life and my approach in studying. Not only was it an inspiring and motivating book, it also taught me that “if others can do, we can do it”, and equipped me with many essential study skills.

Within 3 months, I came in 2nd in the High School Final Examination in Vietnam, then I passed the University Entrance Examination (which was very tough) by very high grades. I wasn’t a bad student in school, but the book brought me a new way of thinking and I had a stronger belief in myself and my potentials, thereby generating unbelievable results. From that point, I won a full scholarship of my city to pursue a Bachelor degree in the UK. Yes, in the UK, the dream that I never dared to have before, but now it came true!

With the new way of thinking and right study skills, I continuously succeeded in my studies in the UK – I was in the top 0.5% of over 40,000 students at the University of Manchester, UK, and I have just graduated with a Masters degree from the London School of Economics!

What’s more wonderful is that I’ve been bringing the new mindset and skills to inspire and motivate others, particularly my tutees here (I’m doing private tutoring as my part-time job). And you know what, I’ve always received 5-star feedback from my tutees with a comment: “You’re by far the best tutor I’ve learnt with!”. I’m sure you know how it feels when you’ve put in effort and enthusiasm to understand your tutees, provide what they need, and all the hard work pays off.

It seems like at every cornerstone in my life, you have a bedside book for me. When I approached important phases in my studies, you had “I Am Gifted, So Are You!”. Now, when I graduate and go to work, you have “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”. Your books really enlightened my mind and led me to the mindset of successful people.

I hope that with the mindset and skills equipped from your books, I will be able to find the way and create opportunities for myself. Because I really want to be like you, I will follow my mission to the end, whatever happens and whatever obstacles impede. However, I observe that not everyone has sufficient willingness to learn and really apply the strategies in the books. It’s such a pity, and therefore we are here to bring real-life examples and motivate them to change.

You and your life story have an important part to play in my success; your story changed my life, inspired me, led me to the right mindset and I’ve been helping others just like how you helped me. Indeed I want to be like you, do what you do, and also consider training/helping others to change their lives as a mission in my life.

I hope one day I can see you in real life, talk to you, and perhaps cooperate with you to bring your knowledge and experiences to more people in Vietnam and England.

Thanks again Adam, for all you have done to change my life as well as others.

Best regards,



“Got on Director’s List Three Times Consecutively”

Mr Adam,

I am not sure if you can remember me but I was from one of your study camps. Life instantly changed for the better after attending your study camp. I am in Ngee Ann Polytechnic right now in Year Three and on the Director’s list certificate three times consecutively. I just want to say thank you deep from my heart. I totally believe in myself that I can achieve my goals. I just got my results for this semester and my GPA was 4 points.

Thank you so much.


K. J. Himantha Reddy

“Keep up the Good Work!”

Dear Adam Khoo Products team,

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

I have always been an avid fan of Adam Khoo, since that day I bought two of his earlier books in Singapore. I have learned from him towards the attainment of my financial goals. I consider him my mentor and idol — what a successful guy at such a young age. Since then, I have always looked forward to buy and learn from his new books.

Your kind and fast attention to my request reinforces my belief that indeed Adam is a terrific guy and he has a professional and customer-oriented team to back him up. Please keep up the good work!

Best regards,


“Your Simple Stock Selection Techniques Were Indeed Helpful… I Owe You a Big One!

Dear Adam,

How are things coming along? I trust that you are doing well. I hope you could still remember when I came to Singapore for your Wealth Academy™ seminar on 14 April 2012. I have to admit that the session provided a very good insight into methods of stock selections and I personally applied them in my real life stock investments.

Your simple stock selection techniques were indeed helpful. Honestly, it was way better than many of the trained fund managers out there. I have been doing a lot of training to brokers/remisiers in Malaysia. What was indeed sad is that most of these brokers/remisiers have lost their fortune since the crash in 1998 and 11 Sep 2001. Many of them despite being in the stock market for more than 10 – 15 years do not even possess simple knowledge on proper stock selection. Many of them invest stocks based on “hot tips” which resulted more often than not in losses in the long term… I owe you a big one!


Chan Huan Wei
Graduate of Wealth Academy™

“From F9 to A2 for POA in O-Levels”

Hi Amin,

I hope you still remember me. I was the one in a dilemma choosing between JC or Polytechnic. Just to update you, I chose to be in JJC as a Science stream student since there is a higher chance for me to get into a local university.

I am enjoying my life there and I am coping well with the increasing stress level as a JC student. I just want to say thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it. It gave me a balanced view of both JC and Poly life, allowing me to weigh both the pros and cons.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to AKLTG for making a difference in my life. Without it, I would not have had the motivation to work hard on both my A Maths and POA which were both F9s during my mid-year in Sec 4. I chose to work hard and smart on both subjects despite being constantly asked to drop these subjects by my teachers. In my O-Levels, I scored a B4 for A Maths and an A2 for POA. I believe that with this motivation and determination implanted in me, there will be more success and opportunities waiting for me in the future.

Once again many thanks for all the advice and support.


Amy Amelyn
Graduate of I Am Gifted!™

“Scored 11 As in SPM and Won 4-Year Scholarship”

Hey Danny!

Thanks for your guidance and motivation as well as sharing your knowledge to us during camps and training. And of course Joey too, who guided me since my SCP. Most importantly, thanks Adam Khoo for being my role model and he inspired me a lot in taking control of my life and getting what I want.I’m happy that I have successfully achieved my goals to score 11As in SPM and to be the President of my high school Peer Counsellor Society as well as winning a 4-year scholarship from Sunway University while working online as an internet marketer.

The whole IAG programme really changed me from an unmotivated, lazy, lousy student who was being kicked out from the Prefectorial Board to who I am today — motivated, positive and passionate in everything I do, as well as holding a President post that stood side-by-side with the Head Prefect. And I still couldn’t believe, it has just been 3 years since then.

Ho Yivian
Graduate of I Am Gifted!™ (Malaysia)

“Recovered Losses of More than $50,000 and Holding on to Some Good Gains”

Dear Adam,

A very happy and prosperous new year to you. Thank you for your frequent updates on the stock market. Just to let you know, we have benefited greatly after attending your Wealth Academy™ programme in January 2009. By now, we have recovered our losses of more than 50,000 dollars and holding on to some good gains. To be able to recover such huge losses with gain is not possible if we just “tikam”. We appreciate your sharing with us your thoughts on the market and your unselfish guidance. Otherwise our hard-earned savings are gone. So happy. Ha ha.

Best regards,

Ho William & Sharon Tan
Graduate of Wealth Academy™

“The Help and Tips in Your Book Opened up My Mind”

To: Adam Khoo

Hi there, this is Suhairi writing. I hope you don’t mind me sending this letter to you. It won’t take up too much of your time. I’ve just finished Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires and currently reading Winning the Game of Life!.

It’s wonderful to know what you could do in life and what you can do with money. But bad decision leads to destruction. Now I’m trying to get myself on the right path. I’m trying to bounce back from all my failure and learn how to do a “check up” on my financial health!

I got no degree or high education, but what I have is a dream. A dream to help myself and to help others like me. The help and tips in your book opened up my mind, eyes and heart. I look forward to meeting you some day and maybe I could share my ideas with you.

Best regards and kudos to your books.

Mohammad Suhairi Bin Mail

At the point of his writing, Suhairi is serving his sentence at B3 Institution, Changi Prison Complex. We wish him all the best in fulfilling his dreams.

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