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Here's why many intelligent and hardworking people struggle financially...

Many intelligent and educated people fail to achieve financial success simply because they have never been taught the essential money skills to create, manage and invest their wealth. Are you one of them?

  • Are you frustrated by the fact that despite working hard, your wealth does not seem to be growing?
  • As costs rise faster than your income, do your financial dreams seem increasingly way out of reach?
  • Do you constantly get worried and stressed over money?
  • Do you end up losing money whenever you listen to advice on how to invest your money?
  • Have you run out of ideas and know-how to break free from the rat race and begin accumulating wealth?

6 Essential money skills you must learn to be financially free

High Net Worth people are not necessarily more educated, hardworking or intelligent. They just know how to PLAY THE FINANCIAL GAME effectively. If you are not yet living a life of financial abundance, it is only because you have not developed the financial intelligence and acquired the money skills necessary to become rich.

When you give yourself the unique opportunity to learn how millionaires make their money work for them passively….you will be amazed at how simple yet powerful these strategies are and more importantly, how YOU can do the same.

Regardless of your age or current situation, financial freedom is attainable. The 6 Essential Money Skills you’ll master in this programme will help you reach a position where you’ll never have to work again to maintain your current standard of living. You are going to learn how to:

  • Take control of your finances and eliminate worry and stress
  • Confidently accumulate and multiply your wealth at a rate at which you can confidently be financial free in the next few years


You know as well that there is no shortcut to getting rich overnight with little effort. However if you do acknowledge that significantly increasing your wealth is possible once you take on a different way of thinking and an effective set of wealth creation strategies… coupled with lots of determination and hard work, then you will truly benefit from your decision to join this programme today.

  • You are looking for that breakthrough that will bring your life to the next level
  • You’re keen to learn a powerful skill set that can fast track your career and help you explode your opportunities.
  • You know you have the potential to achieve so much more in your life; you just lack the motivation to do what it takes and always end up procrastinating.
  • You are pursuing an important goal in your life and you want to develop 100% confidence and focus to achieve it


Why Wealth Academy™ Mentorship System Produces Results

The Wealth Academy™ programme has been effective in helping thousands of people improve their financial life because our mentorship system includes continuous hands-on practice, consultative support and monthly interactive meetings.

The only way to master and apply new financial skills is when you have the opportunity to continuously practice what they have learnt with regular feedback and support from our trainers and coaches.


Wealth Academy™ is a comprehensive wealth creation and management programme designed to give you the essential strategies to achieve financial freedom. Since 2004, Wealth Academy™ has been attended by:

  • Financial Planners, Stock analysts, Wealth Managers, Bank VPs
  • Professional Investors and Traders
  • CEOs, Doctors, Teachers, Airline Pilots, Engineers Psychiatrists etc…
  • Retirees, students and homemakers

… and anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of financial success in their lives.

I. Master the Psychology of Wealth

The ability to create wealth begins in the mind. Many people fail to create the wealth they deserve because they have been conditioned with limiting beliefs and money habits. You will begin by developing the Millionaire’s Mindset; a way of thinking and acting that creates and attracts wealth. You will learn how to:

  • Use the Principles of Leverage to Start Earning Much More
  • Think Big and Take Calculated Risks
  • Develop the Daily Habits that Create Wealth
  • Use Your Network to Build Your Net Worth
  • Turn Problems into Money Making Opportunities

II. Cash flow management strategies of the rich

Your wealth is not determined so much by how much you earn, but rather by how well you manage and invest your cash flow. Learn why some people earn a high salary and yet struggle financially every month. Discover how an average income earner can build a million-dollar net worth within a few years. You will learn…

  • The 8 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How the Rich, Middle Income and Poor Manage their Cash Flow Differently
  • The Difference Between Positive and Negative Cash Flow Assets
  • The Millionaire Money Management System


III. Design and execute your financial freedom plan

You will start to define your ideal lifestyle and build a solid road map to achieve your financial goals as early as possible. You will learn how to:

  • Measure Your Income, Expenses, Assets and Debts on a Regularly
  • Clearly Define Your Financial Goals for The Next 5-10 Years
  • Use Financial Calculators to Develop a Step-by-Step Financial Plan
  • Have the Confidence to Execute the Financial Plans You Have Set

IV. Profitable investing strategies

One of the most important principles of building wealth is learning how to grow your money at a high rate of return. While the average person may be contented with a 1%-5% annual return, you are going to learn how to achieve annual returns of 12% to 35% by investing in growth stocks, real estate investment trusts, CFDs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You are going to learn…

  • The Psychology of Successful Investors
  • How to invest Successfully With Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • How to Accurately Spot Market Uptrends and Downtrends
  • Fundamental Analysis: Identifying Stable and Growing Companies
  • Technical Analysis: How to Effectively Time Your Entry and Exits
  • The 10 Steps of Selecting Winning Stocks With High Profit Potential
  • How to Build and Manage A Low Risk, High Return Portfolio
  • How to Spot the Most Profitable Investment Opportunities Today
  • Create Passive Income with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)


V: Advanced investing and trading strategies

How do the best professional hedge fund managers achieve high double-digit returns for their Ultra High Net-worth Clients? You are going to learn the most effective investing and trading strategies like…

  • Shorting and Hedging with CFDs and Inverse ETFs
  • Risk and Emotional Management Techniques
  • How to Achieve 8%-10% Monthly Returns Trading-Leveraged CFDs
  • Legally Tracking What Company Insiders Are Buying and Selling


VI. Create multiple streams of income

Most people are limited by the belief that they can only increase their income by 10%-20% by working harder or finding a ‘better job’. Many of our graduates have more than doubled-tripled their income by creating multiple streams of income with minimal capital required.
By the end of the programme, your head will be overflowing with moneymaking ideas that you can implement immediately. Whether you are an employee or business owner, you will learn how to increase your income by…

  • Increasing the Value You Create To Your Company/Customers
  • Building Home Based Businesses that Leverage On the Online Marketplace
  • Creating Intellectual Assets that Generate Royalties and Fees


Millionaire at Age 26, Financially Free at Age 30 — Let Adam Khoo Share with You His Proven Wealth Creation Strategies

In 2004, Adam Khoo created the Wealth Academy™ programme to teach people the investing, business and money management principles he has used to become a millionaire many times over. Since then, the programme has been attended by over 8,000 professionals, executives and business owners around the Asian region.

Although busy running his businesses in training, advertising, children’s enrichment and corporate conferences, Adam finds the time to pursue his passion in teaching and mentoring people to achieve their fullest potential in their personal, financial and professional lives. 

About Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo is the Executive Chairman of Adam Khoo Learning technologies Group, one of Asia’s largest private training companies that operate in seven countries. He also has interests in various other businesses that generate a combined revenue of $30 million annually.

He holds an Honours Degree in Business Administration (Finance) (NUS) where he was ranked among the top 1% among his cohort. He was awarded both the NUS Business School Eminent Business Alumni Award (2008) and the NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award (2011) for being one of Singapore’s most successful and prominent business leaders.

He is the Best-Selling Author of 13 books including Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, Winning the Game of Stocks!, Profit from the Panic and Profit from the Asian Recovery. His business and personal achievements have been featured on Channel News Asia’s Millionaire Makers, Channel News Asia’s Morning Show (Profit from the Panic), The Straits Times (“He Made His Million At 26”), The Sunday Times (“Big Investor, Frugal Spender”) and The Business Times.

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