We have moved! Farewell to Keppel Towers and Hello to a Brand New Training Centre

AKLTG is proud to launch its new Centre for Personal & Professional Excellence. Housed in the elegant Garden Office at 991 Alexandra Road, the centre opened its doors to over 200 friends and graduates for a house-warming celebration on 29 May.

Executive Director Mr. Adam Khoo (left) and CEO Mr. Patrick Cheo (right)

More Training Benefits for Local PMEs
Our participants and graduates can now enjoy newly furnished training facilities at the new 7000 sq ft centre. As a U Associate partner with NTUC, we support NTUC’s Labour Movement by doing more soft skill development trainings for the PME community in Singapore. New curriculum plans are well underway, and we will reach out to 15,000 PMEs in the second half of this year.

Adam Khoo’s New Investing Guidebook Helps Singaporeans Fight Inflation
The opening’s major highlight will be the unveiling of Mr. Adam Khoo’s 13th book, Winning the Game of Stocks!. A best-selling author with books translated to 6 languages regionally, Mr. Khoo says his new book will give readers profound insight into profitable investing. “This book will help Singaporeans to grow their money against inflation. They will learn proper investing strategies so they can avoid losing their hard-earned money in the stock markets.”

Farewell to Decade-Old Training Centre
AKLTG’s previous training centre at Keppel Towers was the second home to more than 90 staff since 2003. We made the move on 01 May this year to lend way to new development plans at Keppel Towers. “It has been an amazing 10 years filled with great memories,” Mr. Khoo fondly recounts. “We’ve had over 213,000 participants, from children to business owners, experiencing the transformational and inspiring work we do. I’m sad to see it go but I’m sure the new centre will bring us far.”

AKLTG's new training centre is located at 991 Alexandra Road, #01-05 Garden Office, Singapore 119964.