Book Launch: Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders by Conrad Alvin Lim

After a long-awaited four years, AKLTG is proud to publish best-selling author Conrad Alvin Lim’s latest book, Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders. Foreworded by Mr. Adam Khoo and Mr. David Caploe, this book presents a truthful and sharp account of online trading and the financial markets. It offers unique insights on psychology, risk and money management for both aspiring and seasoned traders.

Debunking Online Trading Myths

Conrad trekked the rough road when he ventured into trading as an amateur eight years ago. He warns of the danger of trading without proper knowledge, “Many people go into trading dreaming of making big bucks and treat it like a gamble. Unbeknownst to them, the market is fraught with traps and it takes hard work and skill to emerge the winner. I wrote this book to help traders protect their hard-earned money.”

The sequel to his best-selling book Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders, this book dispels common attitudes and misconceptions held by traders. It aims to help traders avoid psychological pitfalls and make realistic profits using sound trading and financial management strategies.

Western Trading Methods — Tough Fit for Asian Traders?

Taking a twist from Western-style trading books that local traders are largely exposed to, Conrad’s book explores the 400-year-old wisdom of Japanese trading psychology. He takes readers to the times of legendary trader and samurai, Honma Munehisa, revealing how Japanese trading principles suit the psychology and risk appetite of Asian traders.

“Most of the techniques we picked up were western by influence, without realizing it conflicted with our nature and upbringing, which being Asian, is a conservative one,” writes Lim. “Trading is such a personal business; it is imperative that traders find their own style of trading to give themselves total control over their emotions, finances and ultimately, their trades.”

From Bankrupt to Bankroll

Now a sought-after trading mentor in Asia, Conrad’s success was built upon an arduous personal journey. Left bankrupt by a failed media business, he turned to trading in hope of making a living for himself, his wife and two children. Beyond a mere guide to trading psychology, Conrad’s book intimately accounts how trading transformed his life philosophy and taught him to manage adversity. He reminds readers of the importance of eight success values — Respect, Harmony, Balance, Experience, Happiness, Protection, Wisdom and Passion — life lessons that will inspire even the non-trader.

“Conrad’s in-depth study on powerful psychological principles has helped many traders achieve breakthrough in their discipline and values. The concepts emphasized in this book are useful for anyone who seek change in the way they manage their life. I strongly believe this book will interest and act as a source of inspiration to all our readers.” said Mr. Adam Khoo.

Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders will be available at major bookstores and retails at $29.90.