Propelling a Lifetime of Achievements with the Future Leaders Community!

Propelling a Lifetime of Achievements with the Future Leaders Community!

If you are someone who cares and strives for your personal growth and excellence, the following news would be of great interest to you:

AKLTG has launched the Future Leaders Community (FLC) in partnership with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)!

The brand-new Community was introduced to 144 professionals, managers & executives (PMEs) at a cosy full-house event held at The Star Performing Arts Centre. Mr. Adam Khoo kick-started the event with an intriguing keynote on "Playing Up Your Life & Career Advantage in 2015", where he shared his personal tips and strategies for excelling in the 21st century.

"What's this Community about?" you ask.

Well, we designed this community specially to help professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) excel in the 21st century. Last year's Population White Paper projected that PMEs will make up two-thirds of Singapore's workforce by 2030. We're PMEs too, and we have all experienced the challenge of having to juggle the various needs in our lives. Do you find yourself constantly seeking answers to these questions?

  • How can I lead a happy and fulfilling life?
  • How can I become better at what I do, and make a mark in my career?
  • How can I earn more for myself and my family, and be financially free?
  • How can I realise my dream of owning a business?

As trailblazers in the training & education industry, we believe strongly that continuous learning plays a big part in helping us turn these challenges into opportunities. So we built the Future Leaders Community to serve as a holistic 21st century learning scape to put together all the knowledge, strategies, network and resources you will need to achieve the success you deserve.

Hop by to our FLC website at to discover the myriad of training privileges and rewards we have in store for you!