Grab your 2015 Career Strategy Guide: Winning the 21st Century Game

In April this year, Adam Khoo announced on Facebook that Winning the Game of Stocks! is his last book and that he is retiring from writing books. Many of our AKLTG friends, who are avid readers and supporters of our self-published titles, were disappointed with the news. Fortunately, it turned out to be an April Fools' joke, and although Adam is indeed busy with local and overseas, it seems that his inspirations for writing isn't going to stop flowing any time soon. With that, AK Publications is pleased to introduce you to our latest title: Winning the 21st Century Game.

Written against the backdrop of our rapidly evolving 21st century economy, this book explores four key areas

The audience were then treated to a thought-provoking presentation by AKLTG corporate strategy director Mr. Jeremy Han, as he shared on the four keys to 21st century success: Creativity, Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Global Awareness.

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